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Today customers are more interested in knowing how the products are sourced and have been made. While shopping for skincare products, particularly, women are more concerned about buying eco-friendly, cruelty-free, natural and organic products. Focus on greenies have been increased as they realize healthy diet births a better skin and finer skin makes a woman happier. So why not focus on our inner self and feed them with a healthy diet and put on organic skincare masks to beautify our skin. Before we proceed I have a question, did you know 60% of what you rub on your face absorbs past your skin and into your bloodstream, and from there it circulates in your whole body? I mean what we are eating and wearing on our face has a direct impact on our blood, so why not shift to healthier and organic products then?

If you are still not convinced why you should move to organic products, then here is a list of reasons.

1) Perform better
There is no denying to the fact that organic products perform better; however, they take time, but their effect lasts more. It is because almost 95% of the ingredients of the natural products are active. On the other hand, non-organic products contain only 5- 10% of the active ingredients.
2) Better for your skin
Using non-organic products may provide you with immediate glowing skin, but their harmful effects cannot be seen until its too late. Using them for longer period weakens your skin which results in reducing the exchange of skin oxygen, premature ageing and increased pigmentation. However, if you go organic, the result is slow but long-lasting, you will have forever glowing baby skin that you have always dreamt of. You will not need to use Instagram filters on your photos to hide your acne scars [not that you should hide them]. All because of the use of organic products such as coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera. These are a few of many natural products that give shining, healthy and glowing skin.
3) Cruelty-free products
Do you know most of the non-organic cosmetic products or other skin products are first tested on animals and then released in the market? How does your heart allow you to beautify your skin and your looks by hurting harmless animals? Well, organic product frees you from this cruelty and your move towards them will support the agenda of the complete elimination of the animal testing of the overall makeup industry. Spend your money wisely.
4) Away from harmful ingredients
Non-organic products are made from harmful ingredients that promise instant result only, but in the long run, they damage your skin. These ingredients are not only dangerous for your skin, but it can be a source of some grave diseases as well. We all have read about the case of Johnsons & Johnsons, where a woman faced ovarian cancer due to the continuous use of its moisturizer. Are you sure you want to invest money in products that can cause life-threatening diseases? I do not think so.


These are four of many reasons that its time you make a shift to organic products as they are better for you, your health, animals, and for the environment too. So why is there even a question to not to shift to it?


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